Cescage Establishes Agreement with the University of Cordoba of Spain

Representatives of the Cescage Group met with officials from the University of Cordoba in Spain. At the opportunity, agreements were signed to offer undergraduate students short-term and internship courses, exchange of teachers and students for specialization, master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral courses, extension of the genetic studies group of native breeds for food population, with the introduction of Brazilian researchers, participation in projects in the area of ​​agroecology, sustainability and animal welfare, articulation of semen and embryos – Grenada, studies on the behavior and relation man of the field, family and animals. The next step is the written agreement and subsequently the contract with the breeders’ association. It is worth noting that there will be no tuition fees at the University of Cordoba for students, graduates or even faculty members of the Faculties of Cescage in any of the training opportunities – short courses, specialization, masters, doctorates or postdoctoral studies. all areas of knowledge.
Participated in the discussions to Prof. Dr. Veterinary Medical Officer Érika Z. Fagundes Cunha; the Prof. Post Ph.D. Judge, José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha, Founder of the Cescage and General Pedagogical Coordinator; the Rector of the University of Córdoba, Prof. Dr. José Carlos Gómez Villamonfos; the Prof. Dr. Juan Vicente Delgado Bermejo, President of the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development, and Dr. Javier Alvarez Fernandez, veterinarian and researcher.
About the University: The University of Cordoba, located in Cordoba, Spain, has two centuries of history that evaluate its trajectory. Its birth has its roots in the Libre University, which operated in the province in the late nineteenth century, as well as in the centennial studies of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, unique, by the way, in Andalusia.