Cescage Signs Agreement to Offer Graduation and Post-Graduation Abroad

Representatives of Faculties Cescage met with Paraguayan authorities defining the terms of agreement and first additions between the institution and the Ibero-American Judges Union (UIJ) and the National University of the East (UNE). The institutions will be offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with the internationalization of programs aimed at Mercosur, Unasur, Latin America, Portugal and Spain, using the agreements with Harvard, Guelph and Illinois.
Participated in the discussions to Prof. Dr. Veterinary Medical Officer Érika Z. Fagundes Cunha, Director of International Relations of the Cescage; Prof. Post Ph.D. Judge, José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha, Founder of the Cescage and General Pedagogical Coordinator; Prof. Dr. Agronomist José Sanchez, General Secretary of the UIJ and President of the Paraná Institute of Procedural Law; Prof. Dr. Agronomist Sebastian Galeano, Dean of the Faculty of Agronomic Engineering and Environmental Engineering of UNE, and Integration Manager of the Genetic Cescage Paraguay.