Founder of Cescage Genetics Holds a Meeting in Brasilia with Representatives of OBP

The Founder of the Technology Park Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Cescage Genetics, Prof. Dr. José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha, held a meeting at the Esplanade of the Ministries in Brasília, with representatives of the company OBP Vacinas (, with Dr. José Guilherme Leal, National Secretary of Agricultural and Livestock Defense of MAPA . Audience was also attended by Dr. João Henrique Hummel, Executive Director of the Pensar Agropecuaria Institute.
On the International Field Day of the Cescage Group, which will take place on February 12,13 and 14, at the Bourbon Hotel in Ponta Grossa, the partnership will be launched with OBP (Onderstepoort Biological Products), the world’s largest company of veterinary products, headquartered in South Africa. The Cescage Genetics Sustainable Technology Park, managed the representation to provide medicines and vaccines of this company throughout Brazil.
OBP produces millions of doses per year to control up to 50 different diseases and is a recognized world leader in the fight against the disease. The contribution of agriculture to South Africa’s economy is enormous – both in terms of the number of people it employs, its capacity to generate economic development and empowerment, and its contribution to the national economy. The OBP is focused on promoting good breeding in livestock, educating and supporting established and emerging farmers, and building healthy herds – one of the key foundations of our nation’s economy.