Founder of the Cescage Technology Park Receives Partners from Paraguay

The Founder of the Technology Park Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Cescage Genetics, Prof. Post Ph.D. Judge José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha, together with the Director General, Dr. Érika Zanoni Fagundes Cunha, and Isabela Zanoni, at the residence, collaborators in Paraguay Sebastian Galeano Vera (Agronomist), Jorge Ramirez Zorrilla and Gustavo Salinas ( Veterinarians), friends Eitel Simon (and her daughter) and Ramon Ramirez, first-time partners in the production of sheep, goats, cattle, dairy and dairy, fraternal friends and Dr. Leticia Correa, Veterinary Texel. At the barbecue Dr. Carlos Lopatiuk (photographer) and representative of the Genetic Cescage in the interior of the State of São Paulo, in the region of Amparo, Lucio Silvestre.