Partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

Paraná has already anticipated the withdrawal of foot-and-mouth disease vaccination according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Cescage defends, together with the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraná, the end of the vaccination of foot-and-mouth disease and the revitalization of the Program of Modern Livestock Government. According to the brief, Paraná has a herd of approximately 9.5 million cattle. The Modern Livestock program aims to leverage the beef cattle breeding of the state as well as the production of quality meat, with efficiency and food safety.
On 01/22 the founder of Cescage and Cescage Genetics Prof. post Phd. Commendador Judge Fagundes Cunha, the general director of the Technological Park Sustainable Agro Innovation Cescage Genetics Profa. Dr. Érika Zanoni Fagundes Cunha and the CEO of Cescage Prof. Dr. Ludovico Bernardi visited Mr. Norberto Anacleto Ortigara, State Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of the State of Paraná, inviting him to hold a lecture at the International “Field Day” event to be held between February 12 and 14 .
The lecture of Norberto Anacleto Ortigara will take place at 10 o’clock on February 14 and will be about the Modern Livestock Government Program. Norberto Ortigara is an agricultural technician and economist, specializing in Rural Economics and Food Security.