Teachers of Ponta Grossa launch book on Animal-Assisted Therapy in Portugal

The Judge of the TJ-PR, Prof. Post PhD, José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha and Prof. Dr. Érika Zanoni Fagundes Cunha, launched this Wednesday (06), the book Luso and Brazilian Constitutional Law in Contemporary, at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, in Portugal. The work was co-authored by the authors in the chapter entitled “Essays on a teleological vision for the elaboration of a specific legislation of the TAA (Animal-Assisted Therapy)”.
The chapter was written after a lecture by Dr. Érika Zanoni Fagundes Cunha, last year, on the subject in the National Congress. In addition, the teacher was invited to be a consultant for the National Congress to launch the first bill that will guide this activity. Three people were chosen in Brazil, among them the Cescage teacher.
“With a systemic approach, the chapter starts with receiving animals as motivating agents for communication, for restoring emotional balance and reintegration into society, reflecting on the absence of rules on human health treatments involving animals, as well as on the difficult to reconcile data with scientific evidence. We support the standardization of protocols in animal interventions in order to avoid accidents and transmission of diseases to those assisted, “said Dr. Érika Zanoni Fagundes Cunha.
The authors thanked the reception of friends in Europe during the last weeks. “We thank the Autonomous University of Lisbon for the reception and honor of launching our book in the person of Prof. Dr. Pedro Thunder, to the coordinators of the work Denise Hammerschmidt and Luciene Dal Ri, to master’s and doctoral students for attention, interest and affection. We hope to be together in other days. My special embrace of Prof. Avila who began by our faculty and won the ‘world’ of legal culture producing synergy and bringing people together. ‘Everything is worth while the soul is not small’ and the Portuguese soul, heroic and lofty is immense as his work that broke the continents, founded nations and spread its culture without losing the humility of four whitewashed walls with two arms waiting for us. I love Portugal! Living to Portugal and our patricians “, says Prof. Post PhD, José Sebastião Fagundes Cunha.